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Math Function Mania is a fun multimedia game that teaches functions, algebra and problem solving skills. Functions are very important in math! By mastering them, you will greatly increase your math skills. This game teaches you by the "hands on" method - you will discover how functions work by playing the game. In the "Mania" game you must first detect which function is being used, and then solve it by clicking on the correct multiple choice answer. There are 20 levels of play, with a virtually unlimited number of problems. Level one is easy, but by level twenty you will have to choose from among 20 different functions! Hints are available to help you learn; there are also over 20 practice rounds. An exciting Combat! option is included. In the Combat! game, you play head to head against another player. Whichever player "buzzes in" first gets to click on the answer - but if he/she fails the other player can steal! This can make learning math fun. Topics covered include equations, algebra, problem solving, critical thinking, polynomials, factoring, remainders, number bases, and prime numbers. After mastering this program, your understanding of math will improve and your SAT math scores will benefit.

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